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Your honey tastes beautiful. Honey is my only vice and I've had loads of it in my lifetime. This is how real honey used to taste like. I can only confirm to you that this honey is the very best I've ever had. Not that horrible sweet stuff without taste. Can I get some honey from you per carton?  I'm happy to come from the Gold Coast to your warehouse. Dawn Parker, Banora Point, Qld

Hi guys, I bought your honey earlier on in the year and I loved it!  Just today I went to buy some more and I noticed the change in packaging....what happened to the old packaging? I did like it more than the new one.  Anyway, the honey still tastes great! Lydia B.

I have to say that your honey is the best commercial honey we (the family) have tasted, marvellous stuff. Nigel B., Murwillumbah

I was speaking to my brother in Sydney about your delicious Byron Bay honey, that I enjoy often. He stated that glucose was added to all honey products and did not have to be declared on the label. I stated that your claim was 100% natural honey... Please clear this up for him. rgds  pete m., sydney

Answer to Pete from Byron Honey:

Hi Pete,

Thanks for your mail. Yes, you're right: our honeys are 100% natural without anything added.          I can confirm that there is  NOTHING added whatsoever when it comes to our honeys.

We are specialising in un-processed honey. That means we are avoiding excessive filtering and heat treatment (up to 70 degrees), which alters the chemical structure and can destroy naturally occuring vitamins and minerals. Processing takes out all the goodness, which you want to retain in honey.

We are fully compliant with strictest food safety requirements as prescribed by HACCP according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

There may be cheaper honeys out there, which have glucose added, but definitely not ours.


I am Australian and always buy this honey when I holiday to Australia. I live in England is there any chance I can buy this to be sent over here. I love it and use loads of honey. Esther S., England

Your honey is just the best..they sell it a Woolworths here in Kelvin Grove urban village, Brisbane, and I'm hoping they continue to do so, but who knows what woolworths will do next, hey?  cheers max

Hi, I'm living just south of Cairns and buy your honey from a local supermarket. I really enjoy the product, the taste is great. Chris J., Cairns

Yes, we are enjoying your 'yummy' honey - we love it.  Gloria J., Proserpine

Our regular guests are now demanding only your honey. On our breakfast buffet we used to provide them with the normal bubble wrapped portions. After trying out your honey they are now demanding Byron Bay Honey every time they come and stay with us. They love the natural, fresh taste. David K., motel manager, Central West Queensland

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  • This has to be THE BEST HONEY that I have ever tasted and it’s all Australian, It is also natural which makes it better than others on the shelf that have imported product in them

    Robyn Keen on

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